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Terror Empire - The Empire Strikes Black

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 11:10 PM

 Hard, fast Portugese thrash: If it isn't broken, don't fix it

An email appeared in my inbox last week, nothing exciting and particularly unusual about that, however what was different was the subject of this email which simply read Review? What an opportunity I thought to myself as I proceeded to rush past the rest of the email, ignoring the main details and desperately clicking links, eagerly anticipating what the editor had sent to me. The link gave me a the band name but not much on the front of what genre and style this band would be. Terror Empire are their name and The Empire Strikes Black is the name of their latest album.

Upon selecting the first track, The Empire Strikes, my sound system already primed to receive what I only presumed would be some amateur tat that you would be lucky to get through half a song without vomiting. How wrong my expectations were. The sub woofer kicked in first, a low undertone, an ambient wind like sound rumbled and then the first chord struck like the hands of a clock reaching your final hour. Continuing on, a riff reminiscent of early Black Sabbath played between each struck chord. The lead guitarist appeared to tease the main riff harmonising and weaving syncopated melodies creating something special, these are not amateurs by any means.

I knew instantly I liked what I heard, I only prayed the vocals were going to meet the same musical standards set in the introduction by the guitarists Alexandre and Alves, bassist Puga and drummer Dourado. The Empire Strikes leads the listener into a ferocious frenzy for Black, throwing away all my misconceptions I could of been given a rubbish album to review. Involuntary head movements up and down confirmed that this was infact awesome! Here is a band its fair to say I'd go and see, if their live shows are anything close to this studio album then I urge you to check them out.

Vocally, each track holds well, Ricardo Martin's aggressive shouting style is very much Slayer in a nut shell, this is good, I've always found Slayers vocals a bit easier to understand, albeit the speed of which Araya sings them. Songs like Revolution Now show off the vocals more, really exposing Martin's dynamic range. There is a level of sing-a-longability to tracks like Servant and Skinned Alive, so much so that it requires made up words to be used to get my point across. I can really imagine myself throwing my fist in the air chanting back at this band like a brainwashed soldier giving his allegiance to the Terror Empire.



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Halfway into the album and I've already decided I really like this band and finding a negative point to say was going to prove very difficult, and that is because there is nothing wrong with this album, production wise its great, through a loud sound system the crisp guitars pop out and the bass shakes...

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