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Turbowolf - Two Hands

Posted on March 21, 2015 at 12:40 AM


They've found their sound, but does album number two deliver?

After my gushing for Turbowolf over the last two months, it’s about time I sat down and properly listened to their new record Two Hands. Second albums always leave me sceptical, I mean, so much work goes into a debut and then a couple of years later the follow up comes out and you’re, more often than not, left with a bitter taste in the mouth. However, Turbowolf have left a considerable amount of time between records, their last album was in 2011, and the line-up has changed since then. With all their creativity they must have come up with something original, shouldn’t they? Well let’s have a look see.

Straight from the get go, they start with a slow builder that sets atmosphere, much like the first but this album wastes very little time getting in to the nit and gritty with songs like Invisible Hand and Rabbits Foot dictating the pace. If you’re familiar with the band you might have heard a fair portion of this record already, with five tracks being played live and on the radio but this album is packed with so much more creativity and intensity.

My favourite tune on the album has to be, American Mirrors for it really fun interesting riff and catchy chorus. Also, Good Hand is a decent little tune and with a cool beat, that’s fun to bop to. The production is really nice and fits the band well, I think they have found their sound by now and it works for them, in fact, I know of very few bands that could pull it off. The riffs are absolutely excellent and the bass lines complement them nicely. Andy’s guitar work ranges from badass to just fun and bouncy.


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The synth is nicely executed to, but in my opinion there’s a little too much on certain tracks like Rich Gift, it’s a good song but it took me several attempts to reach the end. Also, I think the writing isn’t as tight this time around, I don’t know, maybe a lot of these songs are growers, but here and now, it’s just difficult to listen to from start to finish. Not much else negative to say really.

There’s a lot on this record, it’s quite a long album, but I can’t say I was ever bored at any time, and I don’t think there is anything that doesn’t work. It’s a fun and intriguing... 

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