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Live Review: Steel Panther, Skindred & The Lounge Kittens, Manchester O2 Apollo

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 9:20 AM

It'll be hard to find a finer, funnier, filthier gig this year

The Lounge Kittens

If you've never heard a lounge/cabaret version of Metallica's Sad But True or Limp Bizkit's Rollin', then I honestly don't know what you're doing with your life right now. This is the domain of The Lounge Kittens, a trio of fantastic women who wear killer outfits, have amazing voices to match and know their metal inside out. Nothing is safe, from The Prodigy to Papa Roach, these ladies serve their audience a cocktail of metal favourites with a twist of lounge and you'll never hear any of the songs they cover in quite the same way again. A stellar performance.


Skindred's latest offering Kill The Power expertly showcases their political bent while simultaneously outlining every influence the band has. From reggae beats to punk madness, there's something for everyone here. Vocalist Benji swaggers onstage in a massive fur coat and his trademark sunglasses, getting the crowd really pumped for the show with his limitless onstage energy. There's call-and-response with the crowd, back-and-forth banter between the band members themselves and a slew of hits, including Pressure, Warning and of course, the massive Nobody, which leaves the crowd in a breathless, sweaty mess of flesh and hair. This band gets better with each performance you watch, and after six albums they really deserve every success they've earned. There's no one doing what they do and the quality of their material remains as high, fresh and relevant as ever.

Steel Panther

And so, to business. Steel Panther have only put out three records but have already gained a massive cult following and it seems there's no stopping them. These guys are like a sexually explicit Poison and they want their audience to have as much fun seeing their shows as they have playing them. Bursting onstage with new single Pussywhipped from latest album All You Can Eat, Michael Starr and his band mates offer the best in tongue-in-cheek (and anywhere else they can put it, for that matter) hair metal for a brand new generation - and the best part is, they don't take themselves seriously whatsoever. Their live show is a veritable smorgasbord of sex, drugs, rock and roll, hairspray and lipstick and they don't care what you think. Fans as far as the eye can see in the sold-out O2 Apollo have gone all-out with their own Panther-esque outfits, the girls are lining up to pout for the camera and the boys wield everything from inflatable dolls to blow-up guitars.

Steel Panther are known for their sexual imagery and lyrical content, so it's no surprise to hear hits like The Shocker and Asian Hooker are thrown into the mix. Metal snobs will dismiss them (as I once did) as something of a joke, but let's be clear: the joke's very firmly on the snobs here. This band knows how hilarious their set-up is, how far they can push, and it works. Everything from their audience-driven 'Cum-Cam' to Lexxi Foxx's massive compact mirror and constant re-applications of his makeup and lipstick ('We're doing something brand new with this show. See? I even put on brand new lipstick tonight') smacks of lowbrow, your-parents-will-hate-this hilarity, and for me, it'll be hard to find a finer, funnier, filthier gig this year. Miss this band at your peril.

Words: David Bamford

Set list:

Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Tomorrow Night
The Shocker
Hair Solo
17 Girls In A Row
If I Was The King
Guitar Solo
Ten Strikes You're Out
Weenie Ride
Stripper Girl
Why Can't You Trust Me?
Girl From Oklahoma
Gangbang At The Old Folks' Home
Asian Hooker
Death To All But Metal

Encore - 
Community Property
Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

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1 Comment

Reply Pat McCarthy
4:26 PM on March 18, 2015 
It was the the greatest funniest gig I've seen since I saw them at download last year. They're a brilliant band you have to see them. 4 of the most talented guys you will ever see. Yes they're rude their lyrics full of sex and very very near the knuckle but they really know how to entertain if you miss them you're doing yourself out of a truly great show. Come back soon missing you already.