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Live Review: Glamour Of The Kill @ Sound Control

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 7:05 PM

York mob deliver the goods

E of E

These guys were not really my cup of tea, I mean they were OK, but I found very little enjoyment in them. There was nothing wrong with them technically, but I just have the feeling that I’m not the target demographic for them. They came on stage and played some, what I can only call, mediocre pop-rock. They had presence and the songs had some catchy melodies and, yeah, I could tap my foot to it, but there was nothing there that made me look up and take notice. Well that is until they called for a “wall of death”. I don’t know what it is with band who do this, call for the crowd to do something and there is pretty much no one there to do it, I know it’s a nice way to get people involved but this just made me laugh my head off. Again nothing against them personally and I see why they have a fan base but it just wasn’t for me.

The Hype Theory

A really fun band, I enjoyed myself with this band a little more. Still not my thing, but, it reminded me of going to the pop-punk gigs with my brother and sister. They were just so upbeat and the songs were rather catchy. Although one of the guitarists was having trouble throughout most of the set, the rest of the band pushed on showing a great amount of stage awareness and professionalism. Frontwoman Katy Jackson was really good too, keeping the momentum going and getting the crowd involved with sing-alongs and some rather basic stage banter. Songs like Blood and If You’re Going Down caught my ears in a good way and the tune We Will Be Singing definitely had people going. Enjoyable, innocent pop-punk, and a genuinely fun band. Great support act.

Glamour Of The Kill

What a change of pace, I guess GOTK fit in with a lot of styles but still it was nice having something a little heavier. The blasted on to the stage with the song Out of Control - a great song and it freed up frontman, Davey Richmond, from playing bass guitar to just singing which allowed to be a little more energetic on stage. The setlist was a great mix up of material, they managed to get all five songs from their new EP, After Hours, onto the setlist.

However old tunes like Feeling Alive and A Hope in Hell were played however I’m not sure many people knew the latter. Also throwing in their cover of Love Gun by Kiss was pretty cool too. One thing I’ll mention was that I was a little disappointed with the turnout, I mean Sound Control isn’t that big of a venue and it looked nearly empty, I don’t know, I just thought there was going to be a few more people than this. Anyway this was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not bad for a Thursday night.

Words: Mick Birchall | Photos: Holly Wright

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