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The Dead Reds - Dark Before Dawn

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 12:55 AM

A freight train of Brighton blues rock 

Here at Manchester Rocks, we're all about supporting new bands fro m the local scene and beyond. So, when Brighton band The Dead Reds contacted us via the Twittersphere, we tried our damndest to get these guys the coverage they deserve and it seems they have a new fan in our Muff (our contributing writer, no rude jokes!). If you're in a band and want us to check out your latest release or promote one of your gigs and so on, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter. - Phil


I heard it once said that mystery adds to intrigue and this band for me is no exception. When Phil passed this album on to me I expected to follow my usual route of research and learn then write only to fall at the first fence. Now I know I'm a little out of touch with what's currently on offer in the way of amazing talent but that is why I love this job, I derive a great amount of pleasure from hearing a band for the first time and this album is no exception (Phil knows me so well).

"I derive a great amount of pleasure from hearing a band for the first time and this album is no exception."

OK, so The Dead Reds have just exploded in my ears like a gargantuan freight train of blues and I'm sat here in the midst of a total eargasm struggling to concentrate on the keyboard. The problem seems to be that not only do I love blues fuelled rock but I cant seem to find any other info about The Dead Reds than they are totally awesome with a heavy dose of cool and they are from Brighton. Ah well stiff upper lip, onwards and upwards and once more into the breach dear chaps. Dark Before The Dawn literally erupts into your ears right from the strike of the first chord, this album just oozes with blues and drools cool in the form of 9 amazing tracks. From the first (Born To Survive) through to the title track there is not one flaw as that train of blues charges up your spine and smashes into your brain with thunderous power, over time I have met people who say that the Blues isn't for them as it can be way too slow and a bit musty but I now say to them listen to The Dead Reds and I challenge you to not feel energized by the power they put into their music. Seriously, each track on this album is like a party in your ears and everyone is invited.

Now I say every track but we finally get to track nine and the pace takes a really dramatic turn in the form of The Awakening, from an upbeat constant theme the band suddenly drop down to a spoken word style track with an almost dark and moody atmospheric backing. To anyone reading this you might be mistaken for thinking they have lost it but let me assure you that as dramatic as a turn it is, it is again an absolutely amazing piece of music because not only are you still along for the ride but you are still wrapped up in the flow of the album. The pace may change but then again don't all parties as you reach further into the night.

"A gargantuan freight train of blues and I'm sat here in the midst of a total eargasm."

And so we reach the depressing silence that always follows an amazing album, I'm going to be totally honest here and say that it has left me more than a little empty. I want more music from this band and I want it now. Nine tracks just isn't enough to leave you feeling satisfied so my only option now is to do what I said at the start of this piece and track these Harbingers of cool down and fill the void in my soul that aches for the Blues.

Thank you Phil for bringing THE DEAD REDS TO MY ATTENTION.

Words: Muff

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