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Review: Kill Or Cure - Kill Or Cure

Posted on December 9, 2013 at 11:30 AM

In his first ever album review, Nuno Affuso explains why he’s proud that Kill Or Cure’s self-titled debut album is flying the flag for Manchester metal.


Being a drummer from a completely different culture that grew up with well-known roles models such as Beavis and Butthead I will try to use the best words that I can, to describe what I felt listening to this band. But, all in all, it comes down to the same foundation as all you readers, the ultimate desire for good Rock music! Yes, with a capital R!


I had a sneak peak of a few songs before I got offered to review this album and I was honestly blown away. Not just because my speakers were on full blast when I put their songs on, but I was astonished by their powerful delivery. I’m normally very picky in terms of new bands, but this band really gave me “Rock bumps”. Being an “old rock fart” and being a “child” of the late 80s and 90s, it’s always difficult to like new metal bands, especially when I was brought up by the likes of Pantera; a band that can never be recreated in terms of song writing, musicianship and, last but not the least, Partying!


Anyway, the feeling that I got while listening to this band was that I instantly started to do some “Metal Twerking” in my living room and wanted to be in audience listening to them. This doesn’t happen very often with me. But I got that “Doc McGee” feeling that I wanted to manage this band and take it to the world because they are amazing. Dan Hepner delivers insane heavy, well delivered and constructed riffs that make you groove the same way Phil Anselmo wants you to “Dance” in his mosh pits. The axe attack is unbelievable. One riff after the other, Dan is outstanding. It’s great to see such breath-taking riff assembly in only just one song. And the time variations combined with the entire groove is beyond cool.


Chris Brookes, now there’s a guy that I never came across in the local musician scene (for some reason) that has the hooks, the pipes, the skill and provides the perfect harmony on each of their songs. He has the range and flexibility to hit the right and best notes that fit into Dan’s soul crushing riffs. It’s a perfect combo with them two. It’s not every day that I see 3 great musicians engaging into perfection.


Last but not the least, the lady of the band, Elena de Jesus who is a classical trained pianist and violinist that has previously shared stages with Robert Plant and Pavarotti (Yes, really!), two of the best and most iconic singers of their genre. So I’m talking about a well-rounded musician here, no wonder the three of them together produce nothing but amazing songs. She locks into the rhythm section really nice and tight and creates the low end groove that complements Dan’s riff mastering extraordinaire.


I have been told the guys are looking for a drummer, if I had more time in my life at the moment, I would audition for them in a heartbeat. I can picture Kill or Cure on the main stage of any Metal festival in Europe (or the world!) with a legion of fans backing them up. It’s rare that I come across a new band that, in my eyes and ears, could conquer the “mp3” world and share stages with the big dudes at the moment. I suggest you go and listen to them and check them on a stage near you because, I’m sure, they will do a killer show.


They do a cool heavier version of the dance song From Paris to Berlin by Infernal which will become a new Rockclub tune, that’s for sure. I can picture it going nicely after Ich Will from Rammstein. It will be great to blend both and getting the dance floor going, from a DJ point of view! It’s equally as great to see new bands emerging from our city and making us proud everywhere they play.


Nuno Affuso


Kill Or Cure is due for release on 6th January 2014. For more information, head to  


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