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Posted on April 24, 2013 at 7:55 PM

Welsh four piece Revoker have emerged as one of the hottest current metal acts. Currently on tour with Fozzy and Drowning Pool and a new album due for release later this year, things are only going to get even better for these guys.

Heather from Manchester Rocks here with Chris and Jamie from Revoker, you just played earlier, how did it go?

Chris: Good show, hot and sweaty, it was really good.

Jamie: I think Chris should tell a story about what happened before the show…

Chris: I nearly missed the show…I was sitting thinking ah I’ll go to the toilet before the show, sat on the bog and on comes our intro, so I’m there trying to get my jeans up and get out there on stage.

Jamie: Well I walked on stage, looked over and was like where the hell is he.

Chris: …trying to get dressed while I’m coming on stage, no guitar pick in my band. I thought it was a good intro!

Ha ha! How has the rest of the tour gone, you been enjoying it?

Jamie: Really good, yeah it’s been a lot of fun. Dunno what day it is but…

Ahh that’s not important.

Jamies: So yeah it’s been great. Been hanging out with the Drowning Pool and Fozzy guys.

Chris: They keep getting us drunk.

The bastards.

Jamie: Came in today and they’re like Vodka? It was like one o’ clock in the afternoon.

You played the Jagermeister tour earlier this year with Ghost and Gojira how was that?

Chris: Yeah that was great, we opened up the Bristol show.

Love Gojira, have you seen them before?

Jamie: It was my second time, saw them years ago but when I saw them in Bristol when we supported them, they were amazing.

You guys have played with some pretty big bands, who has been the best band you’ve shared a line up with?

Chris: Erm Skindred was a good tour wasn’t it, because they’re all our mates they are, and all the crew, Benji produced the album. Erm who else? Good tours?

Jamie: Rob Zombie

Chris: Yeah playing to like 3000 people that was good

Jamie: Hanging out with Joey Jordison and stuff

Chris: Yeah he’s mad isn’t he

So is that one of the best things about being in a band, all these cool people you get to meet?

Jamie: Yeah it’s great like, because like American bands you get to meet them and be friends with them you know what I mean. Like last night me and the drummer Jack we got to go on stage with Drowning Pool and sing ‘Bodies’ and crowd surfed. We’re going to do it tonight we are!

Chirs: The roof was like not far from their heads so these two are like plastered on the ceiling


Awesome! Is there are a good metal scene in Wales?

Chris: Yeah yeah, up and coming as well. A lot of good bands coming out at the moment. A lot of our mates are in bands as well, like Tidal, Dead City, Lifer.

Jamie: The singer in Lifer is rubbish, nah I’m only joking ha ha. No lifer are a good, they’re a great band.

So your debut album came out last year, and you’ve got your second album coming out this year. Is that album done and ready to go?

Chris: It’s more or less written, we’ve just got to get in the studio and release it. We’ve demo’d like 8 tracks, with Padge (Michael Paget) from Bullet and then we just got to write one or two more.

Jamie: The plan is to release it later this year.

Great look forward to that, hope to see you guys back in Manchester in the near future and good luck with the album.

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