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The Stranglers Interview

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM

 In 15 years, I've got more memories than I could ever tell anyone

In a lovely treat from the MR Team, I got to speak with Baz, current lead singer of 'Golden-Brown' band The Stranglers and have an all around lovely chat about one of the most influential bands of the last few decades about the transition to a purely live band, and the future in front of them.

Interview: Greg Dixon

After so many years, and being a purely live band now, how do you decide if (and when) to go back on tour again?


People get angry if we dont. We try and go out once a year, done it for 10 years. Still absolutely passionate about playing our shows. I had knee surgery last year, off for 4 months trying to recover, we start rehearsals next week, and can't wait to get back to it.

So, WHY do you guys still do it? Is there a secret to how a band lasts so long in its own right? Where does the longevity come from?

Essentially, it boils down to playing purely for your own love and enterntainment. The fact I inconsequential, when you start its just for the love if it. I adore it. I mean, all the old hits are songs with longevity. The passion for the songs we write and play (which we think are great, whether others do or not) as well as the passion from our fans, the people that come and watch us and listen to us and have supported us whether it's been since the beginning or recently, that's why you do it. You can have all the money and hits in the world.. but when you start it's just you and your instrument, and that's really what the love and passion lies in. If that's not there... there's not much else.


With all that emotion and positivity going into the band, it seems like you've had a pretty good time of it. Are there any stand out moments you remember particularly from your time in The Stranglers?

In 15 years, I've got more memories than I could ever tell anyone. I mean the highlight has to be glastonbury, 80,000 people singing and dancing and just having a good time, and the festival had only just started! Then there's tours around Australia and Japan, to be honest every tour is something we look forward to. Manchester Academy is always a great one as well! There's a real energy in that place, and we can never wait to get back there every tour.

How long do you think that energy is going to last then? Can we count on seeing the Stranglers for a while to come?

I don't know mate. I couldn't tell you. To be honest, that's the 64 thousand dollar question. I think there's life left in the old dog. But we'll know when it's time. And we're gonna keep coming and doing what we do until that time comes, but it's not yet.

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